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Information Systems Management Institute (ISMA), promotor, is a higher education establishment set up by juridical persons in 1996 and accredited on 25 February 2000 in Latvia. The Institute offers the following study programmes: Professional study programme "Business Administration" for a Master degree in business administration; Professional study programme "Information systems"; Professional study programme "Enterprise management", specializations: management of computer technologies, profound study of general functions of enterprise management, legal aspects of management and specialization in different branches of national economy-tourism, trade, culture and arts. Main attention in the study process is paid to the efficiency of studies using the interactive study forms in acquiring knowledge (situation analysis, applied business games, demonstrations, presentations etc.). ISMA works out projects for enterprises and prepares courses and research works widely using the Internet, information technologies, computer programmes, modern intercommunication systems etc.







ibw – Institute for research on qualifications and training of the Austrian economy was founded as an association by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the Federation of Austrian Industrialists in 1975. Since this time the ibw has conducted more than 1000 projects and currently has 20 employees (psychologists, educational scientists, sociologists, economists, technicians). The ibw is a global player in its field in Austria. Many of the ibw studies focus on the apprenticeship training. Additionally the ibw tries to develop pedagogical and didactic concepts according to the framework of in-plant training but we also design practical guidelines to facilitate the realisation from essential qualification demands into practical training-steps.
Other points of main interest are performed by labour market analyses and qualification research.
Furthermore there are ibw-studies on school education (secondary level), at universities or at "Fachhochschulen" (universities of applied sciences).
Last but not least there are scientific projects focussing on education policy and vocational training in the European Union and in Austria as well.Ibw act as a ‘donor’ partner.




The main goal of “Association of Career Counselors” (ACC) in Latvia is to be with the clients in process of searching for answers that are connected with education and a choice of profession, career planning and searching for work. The ACC services are free of charge and for everyone who studies, works, try to find work or are planning further education and have different questions that are connected with this process.
ACC helps people who:

are not sure of your vocational choice;

don't know where to get profession which they are interested in;

are not sure whether they are appropriate for the profession that you have chosen;

return to the labour market, but not sure of your vocational skills;

have health problems or disability and want to harmonize the professional ideas with their state of health;

For “Association of Career Counselors” clients Agency offers seminars, individual consultations, group consultations and consultations for backcountry inhabitants of Latvia, including rural pupils and unemployed.




VFA – Valter Fissamber and Associates LTd, Greece, is a consultancy firm highly experienced in issues related to labour market inclusion, vocational education and training and equality issues, having implemented numerous projects in these fields at European, national and local level.
VFA is a founding member of EURONNET WORK AND EDUCATION since 1995. Members of the Network are organisations from fourteen Member States highly experienced on vocational training, labour market, equal opportunities and combating social exclusion.




Bussiness Foundation for Education (BFE),
Bulgaria, was founded by JobTiger on the 2nd of August, 2005 to act in public interest. The collective decision-making body for BFE is the Board of Trustees that consists of 7 members from Council of Rectors, Employers organizations and JobTiger.
The main goals of the Foundation are to create projects to encourage the personal and professional realization of the Bulgarians in the country and abroad using all scientific, technical and educational achievements and to strengthen the civil society values. To achieve its goals the Foundation organizes seminars and trainings, conferences and meetings, issues and distributes educational materials, co-operates with the state, public, economic and science institutions in the country and abroad.
Amongst the main activities of the BFE is the establishment of career counselling capacity in education and to help the professional orientation and realization of the young people. 34 Universities Career Centers are established till now. This activity is a continuation of the combined work of JobTiger Ltd. and the Labour Market Project of USAID. Its goal is to make the connection between the business and the universities more natural and effective, allowing a direct management and control over the spent funds in the Career Centers.